About us

Mavena International AG is a Swiss dermatology specialist with its headquarters in Hünenberg (Canton Zug / Switzerland) that develops and markets treatment and care concepts for irritated and damaged skin.

Our mission

Heat, cold, rain, wind and touch – our skin helps us to perceive our environment. It is the human body's largest organ. Skin problems or chronic skin diseases impair these sensations and can often be seen and felt by other people.

Here at Mavena we are committed to making life easier for people with problem skin. Our team combines many years of experience with competence in the field of dermatology.



We build on this to offer consumers innovative, effective and skin-friendly treatment options. Not just today, but also in future with new medical solutions from our development pipeline.

With our products and expertise we see ourselves as a partner of consumers, pharmacists, chemists and specialist physicians, striving together towards our joint goal of improving life in a sustainable manner.



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Our team combines passion, many years of experience, and competence in the field of dermatology. We build on this so that we can offer our partners innovative, effective and skin-friendly treatments options.

Dr. Silvio Inderbitzin
Chairman of the Board
Andreas Sommer
Delegate of the Board of Directors (CEO)
Stefano Blasin
Dr. Manuel Vögtli
Chief Scientific Officer
Ricarda von Ellerts
Digital Marketing Manager
Sarah-Jane Smyth
Brand Manager
Andrea Bettin
Quality System Manager
Nadia Burkhalter
Office Manager
Laurent Thierrin
Sales Manager
Ellen Köhler
Sales Consultant
Schafiaqa Sarwar
Sales Consultant
Jasmine Bernasconi
Digital Trainer


Are you looking for a motivated, helpful and friendly team, attractive working conditions, exciting customers and challenging international projects? All this and much more awaits you in our company!

There are currently no vacancies.


Mavena International AG  /  Bösch 67  /  CH-6331 Hünenberg  /  Telefon +41 41 55 22 660  /  info@mavena.com

Would you like to contact us, or do you have a question, request or suggestion? We are here for you and would be delighted to hear from you.

Customer reviews


I have had good experiences with B12 Cream: the frequency of atopic-dermatitis flare-ups has decreased.


Thanks to B12 Ointment, the dry, scaly areas of skin occur increasingly less frequently.

Domenico, Zurich