Care range for itchy skin

Mavena B12 medical devices for the basic therapy of atopic dermatitis/psoriasis and Mavena B12 dermocosmetics for the daily care of itchy skin with a lasting effect

For atopic dermatitis

B12 Cream

Medical device

B12 Cream for the basic treatment of atopic dermatitis (dry, itchy eczema).

For itchy skin

B12 Lotion


B12 Lotion for daily soothing body care of dry, itchy skin.

For atopic dermatitis

B12 Acute

Medical device

B12 Acute Gel for the treatment of acute skin changes in the case of atopic dermatitis (weeping, itchy eczema).

For psoriasis

B12 Ointment

Medical device

For the external basic treatment of psoriasis.



I am 100% convinced that Acute Gel is effective as supportive treatment in the case of atopic dermatitis.

Daniel, Chemnitz

I have had good experiences with B12 Cream: the frequency of atopic dermatitis flare-ups has decreased.


Thanks to B12 Ointment, the dry, scaly areas of skin occur increasingly less frequently.

Domenico, Zürich


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