Our scalp is one of the most sensitive areas of our body, yet at the same time is probably the most frequently neglected part of our body. Read more about the characteristic features and care of the scalp.

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Why does a dry scalp become itchy or flaky?

When the natural moisture of the scalp is lost, the whole skin barrier can become permeable.

What affects your scalp?

The condition of our scalp is often affected by a combination of several factors.

How should you care for a dry, itchy scalp?

Correct daily care is crucial in the case of a dry, itchy scalp.

How does Mavena calm your scalp?

The Mavena concept uses the power of high-quality nature-based ingredients.


«The itching has gone.»

I am impressed that after using it for just a short time, the itching is no longer as severe.

«Mavena is very effective as supportive treatment for other therapies.»

Daniel has severe atopic dermatitis. He had very good experiences when he tried out Mavena B12 Acute Gel and B12 Cream.