Very dry skin

Everyday factors may play a part in your skin feeling dry, tight and itchy. Read more about the characteristic features, causes and care of very dry skin. 

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What is dry skin?

When the moisture and lipid regulation of your skin is disturbed, this may cause dry skin.

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What are the causes of dry skin?

Certain everyday factors may influence the condition of your skin. 

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How should you care for very dry skin?

Correct and regular skin care is crucial in the case of very dry skin.

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How do Mavena products help in the case of very dry skin?

The Mavena concept uses the power of high-quality nature-based ingredients.


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«I am so grateful that Mavena exists!»

I find that Intensive Cream is also excellent for very dry feet.

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«The itching has gone.»

I am impressed that after using it for just a short time, the itching is no longer as severe.